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Existing building and structure distress causes owners, realtors, builders and others to wonder what happened and what can be done to correct the problems.

Padstone Engineering, LLC provides clients with an expert engineering team equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges.  Whether the cause is settlement, slope instability, water-related, or other factors, our engineers diagnose the potential causes and provide practical cost-effective solutions.



Large and small-scale engineering projects require a thorough understanding of the site subsurface conditions. Through a variety of exploration techniques including drilling, cone penetration testing, geophysical (including seismic refraction, ground penetrating radar, soil resistivity), and other methods, Padstone develops an understanding of those materials (soil and rock) and how they will interact with, and provide support for, new structures. Our team is flexible and takes environmental considerations into account to minimize environmental damage.

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All structures including buildings, bridges, parking decks, communication towers, dams, etc. require competent, cost-effective support for axial and lateral loads. This can be accomplished using shallow and/or deep foundations. Design of shallow foundations, or spread footings (called padstones a thousand years ago!), or mats includes evaluation of soil and rock bearing capacity as well as potential settlement. Deep foundations including piles or larger diameter piers are often used for support of larger structure loads. Padstone engineers evaluate the subsurface conditions and correlate their engineering properties for the design of these foundation systems.

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Many construction projects result in site grading activities that require the use of retaining walls and slopes. Additionally, many buildings require below grade support for basements, vaults, and other structures. Padstone engineers use the soil and rock engineering properties from subsurface characterization methods and laboratory testing, along with specialty computer software to provide the lateral earth pressures and other design parameters needed. We also use the subsurface engineering properties to evaluate the stability of existing or proposed slopes and embankments.

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Construction Testing
Site Specific Seismic Evaluation
Geologic Hazard Assessment
Plan Review
Value Engineering
Pavement Design-Rigid and Flexible

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We offer a wide variety of engineering services across industries.

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