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o    Suralco Phase V, Paranam, Suriname.  Responsible for preparing geotechnical report and providing site recommendations for 500+ acres over a multi-year period. Evaluated performance of Thickened Residue Disposal Area and Potential Dry Residue Disposal Areas. Field investigation included conventional soil test borings, Cone Penetration Testing, and coordination with local resources

o    Project ExCEL Steel Tanks Construction, Cities in GA, MS, Southeastern States. The investigation involved the evaluation of two potential sites for the construction of five, 150-foot diameter, 50-foot high tanks.  The field exploration included over 40 conventional soil test borings, 50 Cone Penetration Tests (CPT), and numerous soil resistivity testing.  Laboratory testing included consolidation tests to evaluate soil compressibility.  Recommendations for foundation support included several in situ soil remediation techniques including soil mixing and stone column construction to reduce potential settlements to acceptable limits.

o    Atlanta-Fulton County Water Resources Commission (AFCWRC) Fulton County Reservoir No. 2 Field Engineering Services, Alpharetta, GA. Served as Project Manager, providing oversight of field engineering, field density testing and instrument monitoring for construction of 640-million-gallon reservoir, Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment Plant No. 2 in Alpharetta.

o    City of Yachats Water Reservoir, Yachats, Oregon. Conducted geotechnical explorations for new concrete water reservoir on a steep hillside above the Pacific Ocean. Subsurface conditions included pervious sub-oceanic deposits elevated during geologic changes. Analyses included slope stability, settlement and foundation design. After filling, the reservoir leaked from insufficient lateral structural support on the down-slope side and remedial measures were designed that included new exterior columns supported by large (12-strand) tie-backs extending beneath and behind the reservoir that were structural connected to newly installed drilled shafts.

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