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Working on Practical Engineering Solutions

Padstone Engineering, LLC was founded in 2018 by Geoffrey C. Hebner, PE. Geoff worked with several large and mid-size multi-disciplinary private engineering consulting firms prior to launching Padstone and has provided quality geotechnical and construction engineering services for over 25 years.

Mr. Hebner has provided geotechnical consultations for over 1000 projects throughout the Southeastern and Western US as well as Mexico, Eastern Europe, Africa, Central Asia and South America. A proven track record demonstrates geotechnical proficiency in a wide variety of projects including high and low rise construction, parking decks, roadways, bridges and other transportation projects, schools, underground utilities, airports, dams, landfills, landslides, cantilevered and tied-back retaining walls, sewage treatment facilities, reservoirs, commercial and industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and communication towers.  Technical expertise includes various methods of engineering analyses, development of laboratory testing programs, coordination and execution of field explorations, and preparation and review of geotechnical reports and construction documents. Mr. Hebner has experience managing materials testing programs of numerous large and small-scale construction projects, providing value-engineering, contract and budget review and coordination with project teams.

Through a variety of engineering services, Padstone uses the latest technologies to help design and development teams improve the way our communities are developed and run.

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