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o    Black & Veatch, Genelba Combined Cycle Plant, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Supervised field exploration of dilatometer testing and provided foundation recommendations and settlement predictions for power block foundations for Combined Cycle Natural Gas power plant.

o    Plant Vogtle Units 3 and 4, Waynesboro, GA. Principal Engineer overseeing all aspects of field engineering and testing in accordance with NRC regulations for the construction of Units 3 and 4 at Plant Vogtle, the first nuclear power units constructed in over 30 years in the US. Each Unit was undercut to depths of about 90 feet (over 4 million cubic yards) to an adequate stratum and backfilled with very select fill. Field services included soil density and concrete testing, drilled shaft construction for the cooling towers, laboratory testing for soil properties, testing of flowable fill, etc.

o    Confidential Nuclear Project, SE United States. Principal Engineer of Record for preliminary geotechnical investigation for the design of a new nuclear power plant on a previously undeveloped site encompassing thousands of acres. Investigation included numerous soil test borings, extensive field and laboratory testing and the preparation of a geotechnical report for ultimate submission to the client and the NRC.

o    Confidential Nuclear Project, Florida. Principal Engineer for the investigation of a potential nuclear power site. Investigation included dozens of soil test borings, hydrologic studies, engineering analyses and extensive laboratory testing.  

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